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Basic information

Note: remember about continuous power supply!

Right after launching the application, a screen similar to the one presented on the left will be displayed. In order to display the title bar and the menu, use the back button on your device. There will be displayed the menu where you can choose from several options:

Remember: check the condition of the device that is connected to the power supply from time to time. This can lead to overheating of the tablet / smartphone and subsequent damage to the battery and the device. What is not responsible for.

Options (selected)

By choosing Notification Check and selecting – Digital Photo Frame authorization, the application starts blocking incoming notifications (e.g. e-mail, new text messages etc.)

Application Automatic Launch – you select it (for some devices a request for the access to this option is displayed). By selecting this option, the slideshow will be automatically continued after restarting the device.

Note: For some devices you need to turn off the screen lock to make the automatic launch successful:

"Sleep Mode" and the following options – here you can choose what the app should do between the selected hours. The time setting should be accepted by tapping “Confirm”. This function is very useful when you would like to dim the screen at night, for example.



Slide Edition

You can add files at the beginning, at the end or between the photos already uploaded. Depending on the device model – you can choose from various sources. If possible, you can select multiple files up to 50 photos at one go.

Using the arrows, you can change the order of particular photos and rotate them 90 degrees!

Remember to save potential changes. The button which turns to orange after any change will remind you of this.

You can go back to the presentation by selecting “Slideshow” in the top menu.

Browse Mode

During the slideshow you can tap the left or the right part of the screen to switch between particular photos.

If you want to go back to Autoplay Mode, just tap the central part of the screen. In both cases a tip will be displayed.



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