- Digital Photo Frame

The application available at Google Play Store for free! Add your favourite photos, set the frequency of displaying and present them to your friends in Rotation Mode Off.

These are only some features of the application – our Digital Photo Frame

Download Features


Scroll through the window to see ad-clever – Digital Photo Frame in action.

Application functionality:

  1. Pop-up Notification Blocking Mode
  2. Aplication Automatic Launch
  3. Sleep Mode (choose the time and type)
  4. Animation Speed Adjustment
  5. Full Screen Display
  6. Horizontal and Vertical Display
  7. Upload photos, set the sequence and rotate them
  8. Multiple Photo Selection
  9. Upload photos straight from your camera
  10. Photos at Google Disk available offline
  11. Fast Photo Scrolling
  12. The app is totally free

How to use it?

Click HELP to find the detailed application manual.

Remember: check the condition of the device that is connected to the power supply from time to time. It can lead to overheating of the tablet / smartphone.

Download the application

Visit Google Play Store – click the link below and download the latest version of the ad-clever application.

Google Play – for Business

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Additional feature:

  1. The possibility of adding content (e.g. advertising/information content)
  2. Analogue Clock or Digital Clock as one of the slides (can be modified)
  3. Counting down (e.g. to the end of the promotion)
  4. Online You Tube video broadcast
  5. Online remote management

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